KLEEK Code of Conduct


When attending any Venue booked using the KLEEK App and/or the Services, you shall at all times:

  1. Refrain from any obscene, violent or abusive activities or any conduct which might reasonably be considered to bring KLEEK into disrepute
  2. Treat all members of staff and other customers at venues (including any KLEEK hosts) in a respectful manner not engage in any discrimination or abuse based on race, ethnic background, religion, gender or sexual orientation
  3. Refrain from using social media or other online services for any purpose which would constitute a breach of this code of conduct or could adversely affect the reputation of KLEEK
  4. Comply with any dress codes imposed by venues or events and with any decision made by venue staff as to compliance by any member of your party with these
  5. Ensure that all members of your party satisfy any age requirements for entry to any venue and, in any case, are over the age of 18
  6. Not arrive at any venue in an intoxicated state or under the influence of any illegal substance

The Lead Booker (as defined in the KLEEK Reservation Terms) is responsible for ensuring that all members of their Party comply with the KLEEK Code of Conduct.

In order to protect the exclusivity of KLEEK, if you introduce a new member to KLEEK then any breach by them of the KLEEK Code of Conduct will affect your membership tier and access score.


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